Q: Are you a franchise?

A: No, we are privately owned. No hidden extra fees!

Q: My dog is on medication, can I be assured he will receive this daily?

A: Yes, medication will be administered as per instructions.

Q: Can I get an update of how my dog is getting on whilst I am gone?

A: Yes you can contact me by Text, Messenger or WhatsApp.

Q: Where will my dog sleep at night?

A : Usually in the kitchen or utility room. Dogs sleep in their own clean bed provided by owner.

Q: Are you insured?

A : Yes, we are fully insured. This includes public liability insurance to the value of £5 million, care custody and control liability to animals.

Q: Does my dog(s) need to be vaccinated?

A : Yes, current vaccination certificates will need to be shown at our initial meeting and are required for the duration of boarding, in line with the Animal Boarding Establishments Act. Please note; Female dogs in season cannot be boarded and male dogs must be neutered.

Q: What happens if my pet becomes ill whilst in your care?

A: Should your pet show signs of illness we will contact you immediately and take your pet to your designated vet if local, otherwise we will take your pet to our own vet’s, Coleraine Veterinary Clinic. We will keep you informed of your pet’s condition. Any vet bills will be payable by the owner.

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