About us

Slumberdogs is a home away from home for your much-loved dog. Your dog will be staying in a home where the carer has one very well-socialised dog that enjoys the company of visiting dogs. Your dog will be very much part of the family with the added benefit of a playmate. This is ideal for breeds that enjoy the company of another dog and the added exercise and stimulation it brings. Your dog will be taken care of with love and attention, as if it were our own, as we strive to make their stay as exciting and safe as possible.

We will meet you and your dog before the boarding date to establish their usual routines, such as diet, exercise, behaviour, favourite toys and required medication.

Dogs must be up to date with their vaccinations. We will ask you to provide proof of vaccination, as well as proof of flea and worming treatments before your dog will be accepted. You should also bring your dog’s own food for their stay.

Checklist of what to bring for your dog:

  • Vaccination Record
  • Dog food
  • Dog bed
  • 2 favourite toys

About me:

Slumberdogs was an idea influenced by the love of our dog, Juno, who once needed a home while we were on holiday. Being a dog walker, I have met many dog lovers who require a similar service for their dog. My love for dogs is shared by my husband and daughter. I live in an area where Juno and I can visit the forest for adventurous walks or a stroll on the beach.

In the event of a medical emergency occurring with your pet, while with Slumberdogs we will seek 24/7 medical attention at Coleraine Veterinary Clinic.